Thursday, August 11, 2011


I would have lost my mind these past few months with no money, no job, no nothing to occupy my time except sleep and lounge around on my bed facebooking or twittering until I found out how to play those damned game requests on facebook you keep ignoring. I thought I'd try one or two. I tried family feud and Hero City for a while but I hated the crap out of it. Family Feud I can slightly enjoy but I didnt get the entertainment out of enlarging some effed up city full of super heroes with nothing to do but collect something.

When I tried out Boomz 2.6 that was a different story. Boomz as they say it is a new airland combat game thing with cute characters. Yeah its an aiming game. You can level up to 40 and increase your power by thousands through right metallurgy, synthesizing and fortification (which is another challenge in itself).

Meet and battle players all over the country. Get married and accomplish task all for the sake of glory. Additional scenes are there for those looking for more adventure defeating monsters and other creatures getting more challenging as you proceed to level up and be more powerful.

For all you guys looking for time killers online go to BOOMZ app in your facebook or go to and see BOOMZ and lots of other games from MMOG. Catch you guys online!

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