Monday, May 23, 2011

Gay Night! :)

May 22 - 23, 2011, Sunday, Monday

Sunday evening was getting boring. Plans to hear mass with Papa P was cancelled because of PBA All Stars @ Boracay. We were crashed at my sofa, in front of the TV, laptop on hand and he was drooling on all the basketball players and hogging the lappy during the commercial breaks and I thought, screw you, I wanna go out! I made plans to eat dinner out instead with Don and half dragged Papa P out the door to get away from all the bone head athletes that get paid so much, as if they deserve it!

We ate at Papa Art's located at San Pedro, Laguna. I actually dont remember where to get off from the jeep we were riding because I rarely go there using public transpo. I missed the ladder that was supposed to be the shortcut to it. We actually wasted time walking from San Pedro Public Market to the San Pedro Plaza, then rode a tricycle from there costing us double the actual fare if I remembered the damned shortcut. HAHA.

We  met Don there and ordered our food. I ordered a typical Papa Art's Tapsilog meal (Beef Meat, Fried Rice, Egg) , Papa P got the Sizzling Beef with gravy on my recommendation and Don got Chicksilog (Chicken, Fried Rice, Egg). I actually quite enjoy the food at Papa Art's because its affordable, tasty and satisfying. Unlike Atoy's and Tuding's (food establishments similar to).

While we were eating it started raining hard. We were actually grateful for the breeze but as we when we were done we realized we cant go home because neither of us had an umbrella on hand. We waited a while outside, and eventually braved the rain to get to the fuckin shortcut I missed earlier.

We all went to my place and watched some TV while Don and Paul, fought over whose turn it was to use then laptop. We waited for Bernie's arrival. He did come eventually, same routine happened but with more noise for Bernie insists on drowning out Vice Ganda's voice while we were watching Gandang Gabi Vice which made it's debut airing that night. It was really funny though quite not as satisfying. I was more amused by Bernie and Don's inevitable insult galore of each other. Eventually we were bored and watched some vids on youtube. Don made me listen to this annoying though quite talented girl named Angelique something singing "What Kind of Fool I am" where in she ruined the speaker's on Sharon Cuneta's show. Yeah she got a good pair of wind pipe on her. But all the shouted out high notes made my head throb. We made Paul dance instead. Now that was funnier. Watching a buff dude dance Shakira's "Wacka Wacka" was not a pretty sight, though I my stomach hurt from laughing so hard! :)) We nicknamed him Shakiro! HHAHA

Afterwards, it was picture time! We had to coz we were gonna make Tin wish she got out of her lazy butt and joined us.. Did some wacky shots :))

The drinking session was inevitable of course. And Paul just had to have a temper tantrum in the middle of the festivities.. Im not going to elaborate on that coz he probably wont like it if I post it here though.

Through the session, the Don and Bernie were bursting my sides from all the jokes and reminiscing they were dishing out on each other. Cant say who has better material between the two though. Haha.

But when Bernie was drunk he was actually making sexual advances on Don. I knew it was joke but still it's creepy imagining them in a compromising situation like that! HAHA, Bernie said he'd even be on "Top" as it is called on their language. HAHA!

Bernie and Paul slept over. Paul was talking in his sleep and Bernie kept jerking awake because he says it bothers him when people are walking around him when he's sleeping. Probably imagining Im some kind of monster or something. HAHA

FUN FUN FUN! Hope to have a good time like it soon,. Twas, almost perfect :)

From Left to Right: Paul, Me, Don, Bernie

Virtual Life

Witnessing the transition of the Internet from being a prestigious commodity to being a common need as perceived by Filipinos, I find it amusing how today's generation value their virtual life more to their actual one's. The way I see it, a person who doesn't have much going on in their actual life is quite active on their virtual counter part. The same goes vice versa. I feel kinda sorry for those who live their life online. They get the low class kind of pleasure life has to offer. I mean, how great is it to actually experience things first hand than through a computer screen? Yeah, the Internet may have your life records for as long as there is no world wide Internet crash or something like that, but what are written words to the actual ecstacy itself? Priceless

Im not hating on the Internet and all it stands for. I LOVE IT as a matter of fact. Im actually bothered about how the people respond to the amazing resources and potential the Internet provides. It wont be the first time people misinterpret and abuse something that can be quite helpful to mankind. Im just saying :)

And actually for want of something better to do than contemplate it on my own, Im blogging about it. How's that for a hypocrite? :))