Monday, May 23, 2011

Virtual Life

Witnessing the transition of the Internet from being a prestigious commodity to being a common need as perceived by Filipinos, I find it amusing how today's generation value their virtual life more to their actual one's. The way I see it, a person who doesn't have much going on in their actual life is quite active on their virtual counter part. The same goes vice versa. I feel kinda sorry for those who live their life online. They get the low class kind of pleasure life has to offer. I mean, how great is it to actually experience things first hand than through a computer screen? Yeah, the Internet may have your life records for as long as there is no world wide Internet crash or something like that, but what are written words to the actual ecstacy itself? Priceless

Im not hating on the Internet and all it stands for. I LOVE IT as a matter of fact. Im actually bothered about how the people respond to the amazing resources and potential the Internet provides. It wont be the first time people misinterpret and abuse something that can be quite helpful to mankind. Im just saying :)

And actually for want of something better to do than contemplate it on my own, Im blogging about it. How's that for a hypocrite? :))

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